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Pure IP Named Finalist for 2019 ITSPA Awards: Best Multi-National Solution

10, April 2019

April 10th, 2019 – Pure IP, a leading provider in global enterprise corporate voice communications, is honored to be one of five shortlisted firms for the 2019 Internet Telephony Services Providers’ Association (ITSPA) Award Finalist for the Best Multi-National Solution category. The Best Multi-National Solution award recognizes companies within the telecommunications sector that have engineered a solution that has experienced success on an international level.

ITSPA 2019 finalist

The criteria used to determine the shortlisted firms consisted of a rigorous self-written assessment and correlating case study in which Pure IP was required to thoroughly demonstrate how our international SIP trunking and voice communications solutions have performed commercially and successfully.

In addition to proving the technical capabilities of our international voice communications, Pure IP was required to demonstrate innovation in the products and solutions designed and engineered by the firm, as well as the ability to be tailored to different countries and regions.

Lastly, as a part of the submission criteria, Pure IP was required to speak the adherence of international telecommunications regulatory requirements.

Pure IP has achieved success both as a whole and specifically with multinational corporations via its philosophy of excellent, unmatched customer service paired with an extensive (and continuously growing) coverage map. Due to the company’s singular focus on voice communications, Pure IP has invested the necessary time and resources to establish relationships with dozens of carriers and countries across the globe, giving it the ability to provide customers like-for-like services of traditional PSTN telephony in 36 countries internationally, as well as coverage of SIP trunking services in 90+ countries. The company is honored to be considered for this award.

In addition to being a shortlisted firm for the Best Multi-national Solution category, Pure IP is also proud to sponsor the ITSPA Hero Award.

The 11th Annual ITSPA Awards Ceremony will be held on May 1st in London. Pure IP looks forward to attending the event, as well as the outcome of the awarding.

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