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15 Years of Voice Communications Experience

Pure IP extends global reach

Pure IP offers full PSTN replacement services in 40 countries

With the announcement that Pure IP have added full PSTN replacement services in Malaysia and Bulgaria, Pure IP secures its position as the enterprise voice provider with the most comprehensive global coverage. Offering full PSTN replacement services allows businesses to make a seamless transition when retiring their PSTN services, or migrating their telephony to cloud-based solutions such as Microsoft Teams using Direct Routing.

Pure IP Opens Point-of-Presence (PoP) in EU

Pure IP extends its global footprint in Europe with the launch of its twelfth Point-of-Presence (PoP) in Amsterdam. The new PoP adds to our existing global network, providing further resiliency and options; especially for clients with a European presence.

Two New Solutions Launched

Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams is Launched

Pure IP becomes one of the first voice vendors to provide a direct routing solution for the newest platform in the Microsoft ecosystem. Direct Routing for Teams was developed by a team of engineers who have 10 years of experience as a Microsoft Partner as well as membership in the Microsoft Open Interoperability Program.

SD-WAN ONE is Introduced

Pure IP introduces a new connectivity option with the launch of the SD-WAN ONE solution. The SD-WAN ONE gives customers robust security combined with an extensive coverage network.

Pure IP Expands Reach With New Certifications & PoPs

Pure IP Opens Point-of-Presence (PoPs) in Hong Kong

Pure IP extends its global footprint in Asia with the launch of its eleventh Point-of-Presence (PoP) in Hong Kong. The new PoP localizes services for a growing number of customers in the region who require SIP Service to be closer to them.

Pure IP Earns Skype for Business Certification

Pure IP becomes Skype for Business certified and continues its legacy of Microsoft ecosystem product development and support. The certification ensures clients can effortlessly migrate their voice communications or seamlessly integrate new services into pre-existing infrastructure.

Pure IP Expands in Singapore and New Zealand with Two Points-of-Presences (PoPs)

Pure IP adds two additional Points-of-Presences (PoPs) in Singapore and New Zealand. The new PoPs provide additional support to the regions via geo-redundancy in case of unforeseen communication failure.

New PoPs & Operations Centers Expand Global Footprint

Pure IP Opens in Asia with Singapore-Based Operation

Pure IP establishes a Point-of-Presence (PoP) in Singapore. The new location expands Pure IP’s global footprint into Asia.

US Operations Center Opened

Pure IP launches its third operations center by opening a new office in the United States. Combined with operations centers in the United Kingdom and Australasia, the new location establishes a follow-the-sun support strategy in which customers can speak with an experienced in-house engineer at all times.

Pure IP Becomes Lync 2013 SIP Trunk Qualified

Pure IP becomes one of the first SIP trunking vendors to provide qualified trunks for Lync 2013. The announcement extends Pure IP’s working relationship with Microsoft and the Lync platform.

Australasia Operations Expand to Sydney

Pure IP opens a second office location in the Australasia region. The new location in Sydney, Australia support operations locally, as well as abroad.

Expands Client Base in the Gaming Community & Receives New Certifications

Pure IP Provides Over Two-Thirds of the Gibraltar Gaming Community with Telecommunications Services

Pure IP’s services reach over two-thirds of the gaming industry in Gibraltar, a major hub for online gaming. The company’s voice solutions become one of the leading telecommunication providers for the region.

Pure IP Becomes Microsoft Lync 2010 Certified

Pure IP earns Microsoft Lync 2010 certification for its solutions. This expansion of services provides Lync users a trusted voice partner who has the expertise to provide truly international communication options.

Support Operations Extended to New Zealand

Pure IP completes first major support operations expansion into Auckland, New Zealand. The development brings Pure IP’s solutions to a new region and increases in-house client support to provide effortless assistance for its international customers.

Pure IP Receives Contract with Newroz Telecom to provide hosted SIP in Kurdistan

Pure IP expands service to Kurdistan via partnership with Newroz Telecom, a leading telecommunication firm in the region. The contract agreement establishes a new relationship between Pure IP and a major service provider in the Middle East.

Investments & International PoPs Lead to New Coverage Areas

Pure IP Invests in New Softswitch Platform for International Expansion

Pure IP invests in a new Softswitch API to effortlessly expand international service around the world. The new API helps seamlessly bridge public switched telephone network (PSTN) and Voice over Internet Protocols (VoIP).

First Overseas Point-of-Presence (PoPs) Opened in the US & China

Pure IP opens strategically-located Point-of-Presence (PoPs) in multiple locations around the world. Its first PoPs in the US and China become the basis for an international network.

Pure IP Earns Contract with HQ for Multinational Defense in Basra

Pure IP expands global coverage by earning a defense contract in the Middle Eastern country of Basra. The agreement establishes coverage in the Middle Eastern region and continues the company’s expanding relationships with governmental organizations.

Pure IP Commences Service for the Ministry of Defense in Gibraltar

Pure IP receives its first United Kingdom government contract with a service installation for the Ministry of Defense in Gibraltar. The contract helps establish the country in the economically growing region of Gibraltar.

Pure IP is Founded

Pure IP begins operations in London as a SIP trunking provider for enterprise communications. The company is founded based on the belief that expert customer support and a singular focus on voice solutions is key for business success.


Our Core Values & DNA



A strong feeling of support or allegiance towards the company, our colleagues, customers, and partners through both good and challenging times; understanding that successes and trials come in waves, and that through perseverance, we will overcome obstacles and remain focused on our mission.


Managing our financial resources and cash flow conservatively and recognizing profit as a means of growth and opportunity. Ensuring we don’t unnecessarily or carelessly waste money and constantly evaluate cost versus benefit.


One of the most important characteristics we need to display towards colleagues, clients, and partners; to do what is best for the company and its employees.


Our primary objective is to maximize long-term shareholder value, while adhering to the laws of the jurisdictions in which we operate and at all times observing the highest ethical standard.



It is our organizational goal to keep talented employees and reduce turnover by fostering a positive work atmosphere to promote engagement, showing appreciation to employees, and providing competitive pay and benefits as well as a healthy work-life balance. We will further reward employee engagement beyond salary and standard benefits with wellness packages for long-serving employees.


Each employee will be encouraged to commit to personal development by participating in internal and external training programs to enhance their knowledge and acquire new skills which will help them and the company.


It is our philosophy to share in the success of meeting the company’s financial objectives with employees. We recognize the demands we put on our employees to excel and meet our objectives and in return — aside from the standard benefits — we will distribute bi-annual bonuses and organize regular events for team participation.


Pure IP is more than a workplace, it is a community, bringing together employees from all backgrounds, religions, states, and countries to feel a sense of belonging, to know they’re part of something larger than themselves, which gives meaning to their work and their lives. As our internal community flourishes, we will work with our external communities in the cities in which we work, giving back to those less fortunate and privileged.



Ensuring the work we complete is thorough and to the highest standard possible, paying close attention to every detail.  It is also accepting that our work and how we present it defines how we are perceived as both a company and individuals.


The “fire within” that generates the energy and enthusiasm to want to deliver excellent work, achieve our goals, and be successful in whatever we set our minds to.  It is also our desire that on achieving one goal we immediately set our sights on achieving the next — nothing is beyond our reach.


Constantly going above and beyond in our daily roles for both our customers and our teammates, thereby consistently delivering more than what is asked and expected of us.


We find the most cost effective and appropriate solution for each customer, matching their needs to our portfolio of services.



Completing our responsibilities and tasks with a true sense of passion and pride, and never being stopped by an obstacle. Always finishing what we start with thoroughness, attention to detail, and the highest degree of quality.


Keeping our commitments, meeting deadlines, and consistently producing professional and high-quality work.


Having the focus, drive, and desire to achieve the goals we set our minds to. Putting in deliberate and consistent effort, and accepting nothing less than exceptional results.


Constantly looking for ways to make existing processes, systems, and workflows better, and finding answers to unsolved customer and company problems.

The Pure IP Leadership Team

Gary Forrest

Chief Executive Officer

Tristan Dean

Chief Technical Officer

David Walsh

Chief Financial Officer

Diana Florea

United States Operations Manager

Tara-Elese Galea

Network Operations Manager

Robin Popham

United Kingdom Operations Manager

Sam Thomas

New Zealand Operations Manager

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