Garmin Europe Case Study

The rapid expansion of easy-to-deploy SIP services in nearly any region has brought a shift in what multinational companies ask of their telecommunication providers. The days of one-size-fits-all telephony are gone as today’s corporations require streamlined solutions that provide valuable flexibility. While the market for these services is quite competitive, it can be difficult for global companies to find a partner that has the experience and global network needed to provide services that fit their needs.

Garmin, a company that provides GPS navigation and wearable technology to the automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and fitness markets, recently faced this challenge when searching for a voice solutions provider that could assist them in implementing SIP trunking services at multiple international sites. They initially turned to Pure IP to help launch enterprise communications in Switzerland and quickly grew the scope of work to establish more solutions that could help accommodate their growing communication needs across Europe.

Garmin Europe: GPS the World Over

Garmin has grown extensively over the past 25 years. As of 2018, the company employed 12,800 full and part-time employees internationally with over 1,800 personnel in Europe alone. To accommodate so many workers in the region, the company began working with Pure IP to develop SIP trunking communications and porting numbers for Garmin’s 20 sites across Europe. Matt Rees, Garmin’s Infrastructure Analyst, was the company’s point of contact with Pure IP for the project and was relieved to have found the SIP trunking provider early on.

“The prospect of bringing 20 sites, all in different countries, under one umbrella was a lot less daunting with Pure IP in my back pocket,” said Rees.

A Partner, Not Just A Provider

As of early 2019, Pure IP has already completed the infrastructure portion of the project by implementing full failover connections between the UK and Europe, as well as load balancing between the two circuits. Both the UK and European connections include 100 channels each, which failover to each other.

Rees found that working with Pure IP for the infrastructure portion of the project was very straightforward, and he saw the telecommunications company as more of a partner than just a provider during this initial part of the project. The experienced Infrastructure Analyst felt he could count on the Pure IP team quickly build out a unique solution and get all the required information to Garmin quickly.

“It was refreshing from Pure IP’s point-of-view. [Andrew Dyke, Pure IP Senior Account Manager] was able to provide a quote and project information quickly, and in a very short turnaround,” said Rees. “I had all of their information but was frustratingly waiting on other companies to send us the same information, what I considered straightforward, to get their quote.”

Timely Service to Fit Any Companies’ Needs

Mergers and acquisitions are reshaping how the telecommunication industry does business. More and more voice service providers are diversifying services or automating parts of their business to save on bottom line costs. Rees experienced how Pure IP differs from those other companies firsthand when working with the company to initially deploy services.

“As soon as we figure out a solution, I can go to Pure IP with numbers I want to get across and right away I am getting proactive emails requesting this or that so we can get it done,” continued Rees. “There is no ambiguity about what is being requested or what I need to provide so if we have a problem, I am alerted about sooner.”

One Network, One Provider, & One Solution

Another major requirement for Garmin’s needs was ensuring that they worked with a voice services provider that could bring the project together seamlessly. During his research, Rees found that many competitors would say they could do the work but would then push aspects of the project to other companies. This multi-party initiative was bound to cause bottlenecks that Garmin could not afford as they moved forward with the implementation.

“Pure IP’s solution was much more streamlined – and prepared for what we wanted to do – than other providers who were going to employ third, or fourth, or fifth parties to deliver a solution that they said they could deliver, but ended up scrambling around instead,” reported Rees.

Knowledgeable Teams That Understand Customer Needs

For Gamin, having a partner that could understand their needs and could work with them to build the right solution was vital. Pure IP’s unique expertise means it understands how to develop solutions that fit within the client’s existing requirements. Pure IP also works to fully comprehend their client’s business and find the best option for them, even when the scope of work evolves.

“Since we are so busy, it can feel like a challenge working with third-parties, but with Pure IP it never feels like an effort – it is a pleasure,” continued Rees. “They take time to understand the business, and what our pain-points are, and say, ‘we will try it your way first, and if that does not work, we have a few other options.’ Andrew and the team’s knowledge of past experiences with other companies have put us in good standing.”

Pure IP: A Dependable Solution for Long-Term Voice Service Projects

Pure IP and Garmin have been in a close partnership since they began their large-scale European project. Now as they can continue their efforts in the new year, Garmin looks forward to the course ahead with Pure IP. Rees reports that he is more at ease with the project knowing a dependable and experienced partner is along for the journey.

“I am relieved, given the work that we have coming, to have a provider like Pure IP as our partner for Garmin’s SIP solution. I am excited to be working with them on what is a very on-going project,” commented Rees.

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